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2020.10.24 20:23 honeyoo Considering returning my Pixel 5

Ive decided even though I love the phone, I cant justify it as an upgrade from my Pixel 2... The cameras are worse imo especially the front. I expected it to be much better. Im a huge pixel fan but I think I got too caught up in the excitement of an upgrade and maybe should've considered that nowadays some hardware improvements are needed to match up to the competition. The battery is amazing too btw. Anyway, it says I can return the device till the 29th on the google store. Does this give me a full refund, no questions asked? And do I get to keep my bose headphones? Lol. My Pixel 2 is my favourite phone ever even with the ugly bezels. I think I'll pay to get the battery fixed.
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2020.10.24 20:22 kindamymoose [NF] The One (pt 2)

The one I wasn’t ready for. The one that still hurts.
2018 was a very strange year for me. I left a job at a regional airliner after I earned my Bachelor’s Degree. On the one end, I was the first person in my four-person family to graduate college. It was a huge accomplishment, though not without its bumps in the road. I earned my degree at the beginning of the year and used it as a point of reference for what I hoped would be a productive year.
In February, I was offered a position that would allow me to use what I learned in a meaningful way. I was wrong, and without getting into an entirely separate story, I’ll keep it short as I can. The opportunity didn’t work. It was at a small automotive manufacturing company. Most employees there were geographically confused and adorned their vehicles and office spaces (if they had them) with Confederate flags. There was a smoker’s pit; it was mostly people just standing around gossiping and smoking. Being a non-smoker myself, I never went and joined. It was probably one reason that later turned into an opportunity for my coworkers to discuss my love life.
It started off innocently enough. My coworker, Terri, asked me if I was married. Nope. In a relationship? Nope. Dating? Nope. Have anyone you have your eye on? *Holy shit, Terri, are you interested?*It annoyed me just a little. She was an old-timer at the factory, and for that reason, she tried to intimidate younger workers with a sort of “Mother Hen” attitude. It didn’t work on me. I had a mom; I didn’t need a second one. I politely explained to her that I didn’t talk about my dating life at work. She took that and ran with it.
She began spreading rumors about me to fellow coworkers. Lynn, a coworker I’d hardly spoken with, approached me to inform me that her daughter was a lesbian. She followed it up with a smirk. I panicked and headed back to my office. I told my manager what happened. “So, what do you want me to do?” she asked. “You’re adults and I have enough I’m dealing with.” I felt unsafe at work for the first time well…ever.
A few weeks after the incident with Lynn, I turned in my resignation. I was surprised that they were surprised. I am someone that does my best to follow through with commitments, and it hurt that I wasn’t able to. But looking back, it was pretty clearly the right choice.
I took a temp job at a local staffing company. It’s work I’d done before. It came naturally to me, at least the people aspect of it. There was a lot of paperwork and nonsensical rules, though. I pointed out to my office manager, Tracy, that most of the information we stored by hand, where the filing of that information was arduous all on its own, could be stored electronically. She admitted that she wasn’t “great with technology.” She said she missed the old days. I offered to help her organize something. She told me to stop trying to push it on her. Honestly, I didn’t feel like I had been pushing anything on her, but I respected her request and stayed to myself.
I wasn’t trained on the job much. I was left to my own devices. Tracy told me I was a “smart kid” and used it as a reason not to provide much training. I felt as though she set me up for failure.
My family’s annual camping trip came up and I went. It didn’t require me to miss any time off work, which was good for all of us. I came back with the worst cold of my life, though. The following Monday, my head felt like a hot air balloon. I barely made it to the bathroom before I vomited. I had chills so bad I thought my ribs were going to break. She had no choice but to send me home.
She gave me that afternoon and the next day off to rest, which sounded fair. I hated calling off, but it seemed like a small price to pay for not getting my coworkers sick. Tracy called me that Wednesday to let me know that “it wasn’t working out.” For the first time in my life, I had been let go from a job.
I was too sick to be terribly upset, but I was anyway. My energy reserve was quite low. In the midst of this, for whatever reason, I had toiled with the idea of internet dating. I guess if I had to justify it: I’m a person, and I’m capable of feeling lonely. I had taken the time I needed from my previous relationship to evaluate what it was I wanted to find in someone. Though, to further expand on my honesty, I wasn’t necessarily expecting to find it. Even more truthful: I wasn’t sure what I would do if I didfind it.
Lesbian dating or same-sex dating – whatever your specific sexual orientation is if you like women and happen to be a woman yourself – is somewhat…challenging. Smaller dating pool. An uptick in the acceptance of polyamory and “open relationships.” There isn’t anything wrong with either of those things, they’re just not for me. And I acknowledged that when I saw the increase in number of women, specifically on dating apps, who were looking for those things.
It was a little discouraging. I tuned out of internet dating; at minimum, I did my best not to get excited when someone expressed interest. But you know, with everything, there are exceptions to those rules. This was one of those times.
A couple of nights before I was let go, I got a like from someone. I didn’t even open the app at first. My confidence on that particular day was quite low. At that time in my life, I sort of felt like a loser. It sounds harsh, but it was a reflection of how things had been going for me. I pondered seeing who reached out, and remember telling myself it was probably a catfish, someone wanting a plug, or someone wanting a third. It seemed unfathomable to me that someone might actually be interested. So, I let it go for the time being, opening and re-opening the notification to see if I could work up the courage to see who it was that liked me.
Fast-forward back to the day I was let go. The same day, I got a call from a recruiter for a different job. I felt like complete crap, but I needed a job. The timing couldn’t have been better. The person I spoke with said I interviewed well, despite not feeling well. It was an odd sort of motivator for me. I hung up the call and felt proud of myself. Maybe things were heading in a good direction, I thought.
I took that confidence and applied it elsewhere. I had to see this mystery like. Even if she wasn’t a real person, I could still try to find someone to talk to. I opened the app. Sweet Caroline, she’s gorgeous. I was nervous but I swiped right. You have a match! I was new to internet dating at the time. Should I message her first? What do I talk about? Would she even respond? How long do I take to send a message? What – “Cute dog!” I typed out. I hit send before I even processed it. *Hell’s bells, that just happened.*I waited patiently for a response. I acted under the assumption that she wouldn’t respond, and I prepared myself for that. But that didn’t happen. She answered in just a few minutes.
We talked for a while and eventually exchanged numbers. I had been nervous about the fact that I wasn’t out to my family yet. No matter what, it was going to be a tough conversation. But she was understanding. We didn’t dwell on it for too long. The conversation quickly shifted back to lighter topics, mostly just getting to know each other. We bonded over our musical tastes. We liked a lot of the same artists. It reminded me of when my grandpa was alive; he would sit me down on the tool bench in his workshop and turn on Johnny Cash or Elvis. “This is real music,” he’d tell me. And while that particular aspect of our musical taste wasn’t identical, at the very least, I felt she understood when I explained the scenario to her. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was able to have a conversation with someone I could relate to on some level.
The time came for us to discuss meeting in person for the first time. I found that I wasn’t nervous to ask her, I just wanted to make sure I did it right. I pondered taking the sly route and slipping it into a conversation, but that’s not really my style, nor has it ever been. I then pondered being direct: “I’d like to meet you sometime soon.” I had the message typed out. I typed and re-typed it several times. It didn’t have the zest I was looking for. I wanted to make it obvious that I was interested in her. Ambiguous language is a bit of a tricky obstacle to overcome in text-talk. Just as I found a message I was satisfied with, I got a text from her: “Do you want to meet up soon?” she asked. “LOL. I was just going to ask you the same thing,” I responded. “You, me, same page,” she replied back. I was so excited I could hardly see straight. We agreed to meet up the following Wednesday.
I’m not a fan of dresses, and I had started to phase myself out of them by the time we met. But for some reason, I still chose to wear one. I picked a bad day for it; it was rainy and a little cooler than usual for an August afternoon. I had no choice but to tiptoe through puddles as I crossed the street that led to Starbucks. I paused and peeked inside the window, curious if I could see her. She sat and waited patiently for me. To this day, I don’t know if she saw me peek in the window, but it was the first time I saw her; I’ll probably never forget it.
I ordered a hot chocolate and waited at the counter. I felt someone looking at me from across the room. I pretended not to notice. I’m not sure how convincing I was, though. I got my hot chocolate and made my way over. We smiled at each other. She looked gorgeous. She never told me her first impression of me, but even to this day, I hope it was a good one.
We talked for a couple of hours. I’m someone that normally struggles with conversation. Everything from initiating it to maintaining it. But it was effortless with her, and I found myself genuinely interested in what she had to say. The back-and-forth was solid; there was what seemed to be a mutual interest. We agreed to meet up for a second time, though I knew in the first five minutes I wanted to see her again.
We continued to meet up about once a week. It had starting to become the highlight of my week. Seeing her made me happy.
We met up for our fourth date and hung out at her place. She lived a good piece from me in a nicer part of town that I wasn’t too familiar with. I Ubered there. She waited outside of her building with her dog. I am typically pretty good with pets. The only exception to that was Cletus, my grandma’s German Shepherd – God rest his soul. But otherwise, dogs and cats tend to like me. We played Mario Kart and I discovered just how bad I am at that game, at least when a pretty woman is involved. She didn’t tease me too much for driving straight into the wall thinking I was on the top when I was really on the bottom. We got barbecue at what she said was one of her favorite restaurants. She had good taste. As much as I liked the food, I never made it back. I left that day and she wrapped me up in a big hug. I could have melted right there. As she pulled away, she kissed my cheek. I thought about that the entire way home. Later that night, I couldn’t stop smiling. My mom asked me why I was so happy. I explained to her I had been spending time with someone. Coming out was just on the tip of my tongue, but something told me to wait just a little longer.
The next week, as per usual, we met up on another date. This time, we walked around the city’s canal. It was quite literally the perfect day. As we sat down toward the end of our date, she turned to me. For a brief moment, I was concerned she was going to tell me she didn’t want to see me anymore. She had been somewhat more quiet than usual leading up to that moment, though I did my best to pretend not to notice. She took my hand and we smiled at each other. “So…” She slid closer. It didn’t seem like it was going that direction anymore. “Are you…are you my girlfriend?”
I didn’t answer right away. Girlfriend. There was a first time for everything, I figured. This was that time for me. Not, I’m not sure what we are, but let’s keep dating. It was a, You’re my girlfriend and I like you.What if she changes her mind? What if I say something stupid and ruin the whole thing? What if – “I am, but only if you’re mine,” I replied.
The following week, we met back at her place. The weather was cooler out, nice enough for a walk with her dog. We made our way back to her place and decided a Disney movie marathon was in order. I told her I had Aladdin and she seemed excited, so I brought it with me. We sat on the couch for a few minutes, and whatever anxieties I had about being physically close to her soon melted. She grabbed a blanket and wrapped us up in it. I laid my head on her stomach and listened to it talk to me for a while; she ran her hand through my hair. If I tried to create a more perfect scenario out of thin air, I couldn’t have done it. I apologized for not being able to have that moment sooner. Years of therapy told me I’d probably always struggle at least a little bit with physical interaction. But this? I felt safe. I admitted it to her and she responded with a kiss to the top of my head.
I dozed off for a few minutes until my phone interrupted. My mom asked me to join her and my dad for Sunday night dinner. I had lost track of time, which makes me nervous no matter the circumstances. I begrudgingly told her I had leave. “Nooooo,” she said, keeping her arms around me. The last thing I wanted to do was leave. “I’m sorry,” I mumbled as I fumbled with my phone to order another Uber.
As I was lost in the process of ordering an Uber, she waited patiently off to the side, arms behind her back. She took a small step forward. “Can I kiss you?” she asked. I felt my eyes grow to the size of watermelons. My inner monologue didn’t even have time to let me get off track. I nodded quickly and she kissed me. I froze for just a second, praying I wasn’t bad at it. She pulled away and I smiled at her before she kissed me again. There was nothing in the world that could wipe the smile from my face as she walked me to my Uber. She wrapped me up in a hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek before I left. I smiled the whole way home.
The weeks pressed on well into Autumn. The weather was finally starting to turn on a more permanent basis. Discussions of apple orchards came up more than once. She seemed into it. She invited me to meet some of her friends and parents. I was excited. It wasn’t something anyone had asked me to do before. I did my best to play it cool, or as cool as I could under the circumstances.
I found it almost a little too easy to open up to her about things. Reflecting on it, I can see how it might have made her uncomfortable. I hoped it didn’t, but it’s something I’ve thought about a lot, and the thought sometimes eats away at me. She alluded to having to overcome things from her past more than once, though she never expanded on them. I did my best to show her I was someone she could trust. Even if it would take a while, I was willing to wait.
The two-month window quickly approached and I pondered the thought of buying her something. Not something big – but something with meaning. She mentioned that she didn’t like gifts so much, something I wished I’d listened to a bit better. Still, I made note of the things she talked about often and did my best to plan around that. That, I thought, might make a small gift acceptable. I settled on a small keychain of a Lab.
Being someone that suffers from word vomit, I can confirm it’s quite the deadly ailment. It’s especially deadly to relationships. My tendency to think out loud has since diminished significantly. I mentioned letting her wear a cross necklace I’d had for years. She politely told me no, explaining that she didn’t want to take something that valuable to me so soon. It was perfectly reasonable of her to decline, and my offer was more of a suggestion than anything. Somehow, I knew as soon as I said it that it was probably too big of a step. I moved on from the topic, hoping I hadn’t rubbed her the wrong way. She didn’t seem upset by my offering, at least not in a way that showed. She later asked if she could share our picture on her social media. I was ecstatic, but like with other times, I played it cool. “That’d be great,” I said. I didn’t tell her that I had been planning to talk to my family. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable by the decision, even if she was part of the reason for the decision. I had grown to the point that I wanted to start sharing her with others close to me. Until that point, she almost felt like a well-kept secret. Those can be sweet, but not being able to discuss it openly had started to feel like a disservice to my growing feelings.
The following Monday, I bombed an internal interview with my employer. I didn’t have much on my mind outside of having rotten luck with jobs for that year. The position would have included a raise and permanent position, something I desperately wanted at the time. It was the catalyst for what would happen next.
We usually talked to each other once a night before she went into work, just as I got off from work. It was probably the best thirty minutes of my night by that point. But that night, we didn’t chat. I was feeling oddly emotional. I don’t know how to else to describe it other than to say I was feeling vulnerable, and my guard was down. Hell, my guard was asleep at the wheel.
“Can we talk for a minute?” I texted. She responded right away. “Running behind and need to get food before work,” she said. “Is everything okay?” I hesitated for just a moment. It was important that I chose the right words. “I’m really thankful I met you,” I said, among other things. There was no response for a while. It made me nervous, but I took her silence as her running behind, maybe being flustered. I did my best to stay positive. I had taken a leap; I was waiting for the parachute to open. Just before I went to bed that night, I got a response. “I don’t think I’m ready for that yet,” she said. I apologized and told her goodnight.
We hardly talked for the remainder of that week, which was difficult. I asked at one point if I could call to talk to her, hoping maybe I could explain myself. She didn’t want to talk to me. And as I say this, I don’t recall what her exact response was – only that she didn’t want to talk to me. It really hurt, though I wasn’t upset with her. I had done this to myself.
The Friday of that week, I texted her and told her I was nervous she was going to break up with me. She didn’t deny that fact, something I noticed immediately but tried to not panic about. She only said she wanted to meet up with me. Meet up, I noticed. Not date. Another bad sign for me.
We met up the next day. It was cool out. The leaves were starting to fall at this point. It was clearly the change of season. It appeared warm out by looks only; the weather was crisp but refreshing. Just so things came full circle, we decided to meet at Starbucks. I Ubered there; I was too upset to drive myself. I went inside and waited for her. I spent three dollars on a hot chocolate but barely touched it. My stomach was doing jumping jacks. She appeared out of nowhere. I went to hug her and she turned away – not all the way, but just enough to where she didn’t want to give me a hug. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. “Let’s go sit outside,” she said.
We made our way out. It was nice because we had the space to talk alone. We started off with small talk. The weather is nice, talk about that. Ask her how she’s doing. Tell her you didn’t get the promotion. Tell her – “So…” she started. From the second she opened her mouth, I knew what was coming. It was all I could do to hold back tears. “Did you mean it?” I avoided eye contact. I had a decision to make: Lying would not be easy (I’m not a good liar). It would also mean that I didn’t mean what I said. If there is one thing I value in a relationship, it’s saying what you mean. I had no reason to lie; on the flip side, I didn’t want to make her feel like she had to reciprocate. No matter what, one of us – maybe both, but at least one – was going to leave the situation feeling hurt. “I did,” I finally said.
She shifted in her seat, as though she rehearsed her next few words to me. They came out easily, like she was talking to one of those pushy salesman you see at Costco. You don’t want to be rude to them, but you’re just not going to be interested. But they’re so nice about everything and – “I think we should break up.” I felt a tear roll down my cheek. “There it is,” I mumbled. The reality of the situation was that I had been preparing for it all week, and from the way she handled it, she had been, too. I felt my body slide down in my seat. I wanted to hide from the world. “I’m flattered,” she added, “but it’s just me.” We talked about other things for a few moments. “You’re going to find someone that likes you as much as you like them,” I remember her saying. She mentioned she had cried most of the week about her decision. If I’m being honest, she didn’t seem upset when she talked to me.
Somewhere in the midst of the conversation, there was a flutter of hope. “We should just be friends,” she said. Friendship was something. It was better than nothing. She hadn’t given me a reason to think I couldn’t trust her, and I was hopeful she meant it. I cried to her for a few minutes. She told me she had to go. I asked if she would wait while I ordered an Uber; I didn’t want to sit at a Starbucks on a Saturday afternoon crying to myself. It’s probably not completely unusual in that part of town, but I had little desire to become one with the scenery. To my surprise, she sat and waited with me.
She joked that she was going to have to have a drink to dull the bad feeling she had. It was one of the last things we said to each other. My Uber pulled up. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but I did. I slid into the backseat and watched her walk to her car. It was the last time I saw her.
Unlike the person before her, we only talked one other time. It was a brief message, and then it was done. I spent the next several weeks eating lunch alone and spending time by myself whenever the opportunity presented itself. I felt so bad the following Monday that I left work early, something I hadn’t done before. There were several nights when I cried for what seemed like hours. I had only come to realization afterward that I was in much deeper than I thought; I had fallen for her. But it was too late. She quietly moved on.
This is the hard part. This is the part I’ve typed and re-typed a few times. The parachute didn’t open. I hit the ground hard. I hadn’t expected to meet her. I hadn’t expected for her to be interested. I hadn’t expected for my feelings to grow into what they did – what they are, even right now. I hadn’t expected her to break up with me with a suddenness that feels a bit like a car crash. You turn your head for one second and the road changes; you struggle to control the wheel. The brakes are on, but you find yourself still careening toward something you weren’t prepared for.
Unlike the one before her, I can confidently say that I do love her. Probably more than I’ve loved another person. I’d be more okay with it if she wasn’t in love with someone else. It’s not jealousy, I just want to make that clear. Instead, it’s a guilt. Pining for someone who has someone. It’s unfair to both of them, even if they both are unaware of it. Love only hurts when it can’t be shared; people often confuse love with pain because they both demand the same attention. The difference is the intention.
Jealousy would revert me back to who I might have been before, eyeing their every move and needlessly comparing myself to her new person. But I haven’t done that. I’ve experienced heartache and growth. The heartache from what I’ve already mentioned. The growth from wanting someone to be happy, acknowledging that it will hurt for a while, but still wanting them to be happy.
I’m not one of those people that believes every person you encounter yields some form of significance in your life. In fact, I believe that most people you encounter are just passersby. But this wasn’t that. Through all of the moments I shared with her – and I remember every single one – there were lessens being given to me. I paid attention to them. I finally stepped out of my own head when I was with her. Perhaps that was the purpose.
I miss her more than I could possibly articulate.
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2020.10.24 20:15 thomatkinson Are these video lights bright enough?

Hi everyone,
I‘m looking to buy an LED continuous light for some still life videography. I’m currently managing badly using my Profoto D1 1000 modelling lamp, which is 300w halogen. It’s not powerful enough for what I’m doing - I need at least 4-5 stops more light. I’m interested in the Nanlite Forza 300 and 500, and Apurture 300d heads (the Apurture light is advertised as having an output equivalent to a 575w HMI in case that helps). These would be ideal because I could use my Profoto softboxes on them with an adaptor, meaning the stills I shoot with flash could better match the video I shoot. But I’m really struggling to find any way to compare the power of the D1 modelling lamps with any of these lights. Would anyone know if they are more powerful and by roughly how much? Would I be able to get down to a low ISO around f11, 50th-100th sec, with a 5ft Octa softbox on them? Love to know what you think or hear any experience which might suggest an answer.
Thank you! Thom
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2020.10.24 20:12 Bl00dSp0rt Anybody else buy this game on a whim after reading about legends mode ? I did and fell in love

So 3 days ago After reading about legends and the ronin class I immediately watched a little twitch and 20 minutes later I was downloading the game. Haven’t touched my PS4 since I decided I didn’t really like the new crash game.
I play healer in every single game so of course after the prologue and class introduction I start out with Ronin.
Hopped into bronze story of severed hearts as my first mission and just followed the lead of the first guy and even managing to not screw up assassinating the first tethered pair together.
After that first mission I immediately felt hooked like this is what I wanted marvel avengers to be.
So I grinded bronze severed hearts until 30ki learning a bit every match. After hitting 30ki I did a bunch of bronze survivals .. hitting 35ki and then just doing more of them even though I couldn’t get better gear just to keep learning because the combat and team work is so deep.
I’m now 41ki and grinding silver severed hearts until I hit like 65 or 70 and then I’ll do silver survival to max out at 85ki and some more just to learn and then just keep advancing my content progress like this making sure to max out at each tier and learn some more before moving on.
I’m absolutely in love with this game and can’t wait to get my ronin to 110 and roll for a good build then learn the raid and eventually play the other classes.
Just wanted to say sucker punch did amazing job and got 60$ from me for their bad ass looter
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2020.10.24 20:06 gingerloops Let's just give The Empyrean fury.

As of this moment only 3 units with the classification "dragon" that do not have fury are: Level 1 Shyvanna The dragonling summoned by the "eye of the dragon" And the Empyrean.
Shyvanna doesn't get fury at lvl 1 because she isn't in dragon form yet but counts as a "dragon" for purposes of card interactions because she is intrinsically a dragon.
The dragonling is ephemeral and thus only strikes once, and fury only stacks when a dragon kills a unit by striking. It doesn't state explicitly it requires striking, which kills ephemeral units but to my knowledge there is no other way to stack fury without the dragonling dying.
Yet I know what you're thinking "well ackually noob there is the spell 'death mark' which removes ephemeral and would allow the dragonling to be free to kill as they wish so they could have fury but only could use it with this spell"
and I applaud your card knowledge but that is such a specific interaction requiring two spells AND death mark to even do that, is pointless so there isn't a truly justifiable reason to give dragonling fury.
But my elusive boy The Empyrean? He should get fury. Dragon decks are built around fury and thats why I love them so much and whenever I get the Empyrean he's just a free 7 cost elusive I'm granted from either Invilous Vox or the egghead researcher. Even if he had fury does that really buff him that much? He kills most elusives without it and elusive builds are hard to block anyway. Thematically he doesn't match his fellow dragons and if they bother making him a dragon, give him fury.
Anyway thanks for coming to my Ted talk about giving a card a buff that changes no archetypes or builds it just looks better. If you need me I'll be building my new Lee Sin/Shyvanna deck to do the pointless dragonling idea.
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2020.10.24 20:03 thinkin_penn Always in love with satoshi kons work, no matter how hard I try I can't match his level of work! (Paranoia agent) I recently opened an Instagram page (link in the post) follow it if you like it!

Always in love with satoshi kons work, no matter how hard I try I can't match his level of work! (Paranoia agent) I recently opened an Instagram page (link in the post) follow it if you like it! submitted by thinkin_penn to cartoons [link] [comments]

2020.10.24 20:02 WintersHue 33 [M4F] Seeking an Advanced/Literate Writing Partner for Long-Term, Plot-Driven Storylines

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
A bit about me:
What am I looking for?
Does anyone remember those days when you'd have stories that lasted months, if not years? Those stories where you'd wait with in anticipation for your partner's next post, and build a collaborative dynamic that led to meaningful conversations and valuable character exploration? That's ultimately what I'm craving - though I'm aware of how rare that is to find in today's literary climate.
I'm drawn to stories that focus on a narrative arc, and that really dive into the nuances of how character dynamics evolve over the course of the plot. Collaboration is key, and I'm looking for a partner who's genuinely invested in crafting a story that continues to grow, and that provides a level of resonance for us as writers.
What types of stories do I write?
I specialize in a few distinct genres, but I think what really adds value to a story is the level of collaborative discourse taking place between both writers. Hopefully the list below will give you a better idea:
Some of the best roleplays I've had (that have spanned years) have been the ones where I've had a strong rapport with my writing partner. I love stories that evolve naturally through good conversation, where we take the time to craft our characters together, exploring how their personalities may naturally interact to create vivid, lasting plots.
Some additional details on my writing style:
If you think we'd be a good writing match, please send me a message through here, and then we can take our conversation to Discord!
M. Hades
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2020.10.24 20:01 Gaige_main412 Just here to post my mindsweeper build

So I've been posting boss kill videos and I figured I'd share the build
First here is the skill tree:
The build is pretty simple honestly. As far as gear, a mindsweeper with passives to match whatever weapon your using is preferred. I value weapon type damage, manufacturer crit damage, and grenade damage over everything. But splash damage, weapon dmg, and general crit damage is fine too.
Shields- a 0.m with ase elemental for bossing and an old god with ib cool down for mobbing
Artifacts- the pearl for mobbing and either a last stand victory rush or otto idol with aoe dmg for bossing.
Grenade- anything with "on grenade throw" for mobbing and ase elemental for bossing
Guns- I absolutely love the kaoson or sandhawk with consec hits for mobbing. I really don't use much else but honestly most things work. For bossing I usually use the bloom, the opq, the beacon, ion cannon (or anything else that does splash damage and only fires 1 projectile at a time) all with the 300/90 annoint.
For enemies like wotan with no crit spot, I'll switch to a blast master with a backburner or I'll use the lucky 7 with the mindsweeper and try to get at least a crit/splash/7 roll on it.
I know this wasn't super in depth. Please feel free to ask questions.
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2020.10.24 19:58 ChuggingCoffees The answer to RUG/Snowko? GSZ Yorion Deck Guide + EW #2 8-2, 31st Place Tournament Report

The answer to RUG/Snowko? GSZ Yorion Deck Guide + EW #2 8-2, 31st Place Tournament Report

GSZ Yorion Eternal Weekend

Hi all - Tim Wildetwilder3 writing to share a deck I'm excited about - GSZ Yorion! Given the common belief that delver and snowko are too strong - we are leaning into that by snowkoing harder.
The deck is a covid collaboration of a bunch of Seattle area legacy grinders. We've been putting up unusually good results with it - and believe it's capable of higher winrates than the tier 1 contenders, achieved by stomping on delver and snowko while not scooping to the rest. The last deck we felt this way about was 4c Snowko prior to breach.
We built this deck on 8-22 after trying many experiments in Yorion control - some terrible (personal tutor Yorion - tutor for terminus!), some ok (etutor future sight yorion, sfm yorion - tutor for things!), some decent (moatstill yorion - don't tutor!). GSZ was by far the best of the batch.
The deck leverages the extreme advantage of having an 8th card while reducing the downside with GSZ to provide consistency, and abuses some of the advantages of a larger list to carry more bullets for the tutor, most significantly titan/field.
Some results and analysis:
  • In our first league we hit 5-0
  • We ran over 80% MWR over 10 leagues with two more posted 5-0s
  • I played the deck at EW to an 8-2 finish and 31st place.


Here was what I submitted for EW Sunday:

Position, Play Style, Sideboarding

We are a tapout midrange control deck that occupies a spot on the midrange -> control spectrum a bit below DRS era czech pile. We win most of our games by grinding out all of our opponent's resources and playing hard control, but also have the option to go over the top of their board reliably with GSZ targets, role-play with 1-ofs like ramunap and combo hate creatures, and sometimes play a tempo game with gsz->arbor -> oko.
Yorion functionally reduces the number of sideboard cards we have access to by ~4.5 cards by taking up a slot and diluting the main by 20 cards:
>>> (15 -1) * 6.0/8.0 10.5 
This means that we are naturally great against things Yorion is good against (fair things), and without a solution struggle more against things where we want consistent access to strong sideboard cards (combo).
We patch this with GSZ for combo hate (scooze, leo, ouphes). Maindecking GSZ gives us access to 4 more copies of each of these creatures in our 95 - slow but reliable combo hate is great here as a follow up to t1-3 interaction. This allows us to obliterate fair while not giving up too many points against combo.
In addition - being an 80 card deck has the advantage of making utility lands like karakas, sanctuary, wasteland, field come at a lower draw frequency cost - and we are able to gain some additional combo matchup points from this factor.
The main warning is that the tutoring and mana make t1-5 sequencing extremely sharp in most matchups, and it's easy to punt.
vs. top archetypes right now:
Snowko / Blue control flavors - 80-20:
They're doing the same thing as us, but don't have Yorion as a great 8th card, and can't really beat our endgame plans.
They REALLY struggle against a resolved x=6 GSZ for titan -> field + utility land. Not only does this play get us a field and immediately put 10 power on the board, but we are fully capable of using 9 mana a turn as a follow up.
Regularly they are able to be mid-execution of their A plan with cards in hand, and it just does not matter. Here is an example vs. 60 card GSZ Snowko where they are running their plan, still have resources left, and just concede:
Even if this does not work - we're still just playing a control mirror but are up a Yorion. Additionally - they need to be mindful of waste/ramunap - or will often lose when we set up a double waste turn and take them from 4-6 -> 2-4 lands.
Out - 3 fatal push, KoTR, snow islandIn - 2 carpet, 2 veil, surgical for uro
If they are an entreat or jace build bring in 2nd FoN, if they are a library build or you suspect moat/felidar bring in rec-sage.
RUG Delver - 80-20:
They are really only winning by wasting us to oblivion or protecting an arcanist - both of which we are extremely well set up to prevent. In our results we were absolutely obliterating RUG - going mid 80s MWR.
Most often how the matchup plays out is that they deploy threats, and we ignore everything but arcanist and deploy our threats while fetching basics. They try to counter our things, run out of counters, and die.
We usually have the threat and answer density to completely ignore daze, and are actively hoping for them to free-cast because it will generate tempo advantage for us over the next 3+ turns as we continue to tap out.
Uro is an absolute monster - even when they can oko/blast/submerge it - the CA and life generally spell the end of the game. Yorion is also excellent just at face-value-stats, especially G1, as it blocks mandrills and delver and requires double bolt to remove, and by the time we are casting it they are typically out of counters.
We built this deck initially to target RUG. Our first build had white for STP and we trimmed to BUG to have better anti-rug mana.
Carpet is insane here - especially given our ability to utilize excess mana.
Out - 2 thoughtsieze, FoN, leovold
In - 2 carpet, 2 veil
Various Combo Flavors - 50-50 to 30-70:
Combo ranges from fine (hogaak, ANT) to quite bad (Tef Omni, elves) depending on how live GSZ for scooze, ouphes, leovold are.
We're running 4 mm SB because it's the best across-the-board glue, is actively excellent against UG omni and veil decks, and because we need to bring in a lot of cards.
Sideboarding here mostly looks like cutting fatal pushes, a land or two, sometimes decays, and the worst creatures like scooze against omni. We are looking to deploy an answer or two t1->2 then drop a relevant hatebear, or to mise with wastelock.
What makes our deck great right now is that RUG pushes combo out of the winner's meta. If you expect a lot of combo this deck is a fine, but not great choice. Right now snowko/rug are the x-1+ bracket and we can glide to victory.
Out - bad removal, a land or two, worst creature targetsIn - MM and relevant interaction, carpet if they are inclined to get many islands
Prison / Post / Other Fair Decks - 60-40:
Card advantage, good answers, tutorable wastelands and waste recursion, basics, and an overwhelming lategame in most matchups give us the edge against the wide field of decks like loam, DnT, maverick, moon stompy, eldrazi, post, etc...
The sideboard and main have a good number of flex slots so it's reasonable to tune to what you wish to target. The EW build above cuts a bit of combo hate for more sweepers to go after maverick and DnT for example.
One very important interaction here is vs. post where most yorion/snowko shells are on b2b or bust, which works poorly in a 95 card shell. Instead our plan is to counter, discard, decay, oko, or waste t1-3 to slow post down - then to gsz for kotr and lock them out. This works way better than we thought it would and feels like it puts us even to a bit unfavored, where we should be something like a 20-80 underdog.
Out - FoN and TS if they are weak, worst tutor bullets, 1-2 drown or forces.In - Rec sage / sweepers / ouphes if appropriate.

Card Choices

Obviously we are a Yorion deck. Some highly relevant interactions here with this:
  • Titan -> Yorion draw a few w/karakas up is utter overkill against control, but comes at a low card slot cost so we get to actually do our cube nonsense.
  • Sometimes Snowko opponents will elk primetime and we get to bounce it.
  • We use Yorion as 3:draw a card to pitch to fow more often than not vs. combo.
This card is incredible against delver and control, and can mise vs. combo. In particular G1 - the fact that we show Yorion and opponents do not expect wastelock is great, since a good chunk of games end when we naturally draw wasteland vs. a midrange or control opponent, then later GSZ for excavator and get multiple lands. We are mana hungry enough that repeatedly playing fetches is roughly equivalent to drawing cards when wasteland is off.
This is our plan A against post. Kotr -> waste -> waste -> swing for a bunch after early disruption is often enough to steal. KoTR is one of the most boarded out cards but is rarely terrible, since it has so many live utility lands targets, and a huge KoTR is game ending vs. much of the format.
KoTR -> fetch -> sanctuaryx2 is the most common use if we already have an astrolabe or two in play.
We only support it off of karakas, one tundra, astrolabes because most of the time we are tutoring for it, and in an 80 card deck prefer reliability for our other spells.
Mystic Sanctuary
This upgrades all of our blue fetches and provides yet another layer of mid to lategame consistency. In fair matchups we're usually getting brainstorm or ponder to smooth into the titan/yorion endgame, or rebuy a key removal spell. Two sanctuary allows us to start jamming GSZ x=7 into control counters and rebuying them if they counter with anything other than FoN.
vs. combo sanctuary is the glue that lets us rebuy key interaction spells several times.
This card makes our fetching tricky vs. fair when we suspect b2b or wastes, since we have to decide if we value sanctuary rebuys over protected basics mana. The answer is case-by-case and there is not a one-size hueristic.
Stryfo thinks we should cut these for groves. He might be right, they have played well though.
The role of these cards is similar to sanctuary. Because we're an 80 we want high card optionality to ensure live-count vs. a wide field. These cards trade flexibility for raw power and help get us to enough generically good cards to hang in all matchups.
Snap's most common mode is to tag a cantrip to keep us hitting land drops since we want to play lands up to 7+.
Meddling Mage
This is the best card at providing generic combo interaction, and also one of the highest ceiling hate cards against veil deck. We only bring it in for matchups where waste is not a concern, and so the greed has not been that much of an issue.
Carpet of Flowers
We would run 3 of these before 1 and bring it in against all fair blue decks. It is particularly nuts in this shell because we can reliably use +2-3 mana for many, many turns before running out of gas. Ramping us to gsz->titan is broken vs. control.
Reclamation Sage
Much better than it looks. This makes the GSZ an interaction spell vs. the chalice decks and has lots of 1-off applications vs. decks like omni, and library control.


The shell is flexible and only the okos, blue staples, astrolabe, decays, and gsz package are really locked in. It's completely fine to adjust by cutting 5-8 1-ofs and answers and tweaking to your preferred target. We considered a bunch of things - some of the key ones are below.
STP - STP is great and we have a solvable marit lage problem. We're running push instead because it makes our mana better.
More FoN, thoughtsieze, sb gy hate, mindbreak trap - the EW list is targeting delvesnowko extra hard - we would not mind more combo hate in the main or board.
Reclaimer, crop rot, SB bog - reclaimer comes online a turn faster than scooze despite being a single shot hoser, so is a candidate against post and gaak. Credit to stryfo for this idea.
Hierarch/Bop - we often want to GSZ for these, and are only not running them to target snowko harder. A 1-of bop would be great vs. many metas.
2nd primetime, titania, omnath, meren, etc... - Feel free to experiment with the bullets - our current package can be adjusted.
Library - We would love to hate on control more and library is fine against combo. Control is good enough that we prefer more answers for creature threats and combo right now, but this card is obviously quite good, and plays well with t1 gsz -> t2 library + other thing.

EW Report

R1 UR Delver LWW - 1-0
We lose G1 to a hand that requires us to fetch duals and getting wasted twice - this happens sometimes and is a main loss pattern vs. delver. We crush g2 with answers->uro. G3 is a nail biter where he bricks on a key turn after a great t1-3, we end up chumping an 11/11 faerie dragon with a yorion, and he dies to a big KoTR after we kill his board.
R2 DnT LWL - 1-1
We lose a close g1 involving two wastes a vial and a port, crush him with a titan g2, and punt G3 after he mulls to 5.
We have the following situation in G3 and decide to sweep then try to kill follow-up creatures. What we were supposed to do is answer the equipment with rec sage and prioritize answering Jitte/Sofi/mom, holding the sweeper as long as possible. His other cards are not very important and we don't have enough spot removal to kill everything - so we want to kill equipment and prot effects, hold counters for gideon/cata, and try to midrange his unequipped creatures by going over with Uro and friends.
We end up sweeping, then dying to a next turn flickerwisp -> jitte equipment turn after when we brick on answers. We should pretty easily win this game with a better understanding of what matters - the equipment and mom, and an acknowledgement that we cannot answer every dork and need to midrange.
Some of this is recent unfamiliarity since post-skyclave DnT was not something we had played many matches against. This prompted us to try a few leagues of various Yorion skyclave builds which worked fairly well - the card is the real deal!
R3 Eldrazi Stompy WLW - 2-1
This matchup is pretty good because of our answers, uro and kotr going over their things, and wasting them back being solid. G1/3 we do our thing, while G2 OTD we keep a 6 that is soft to chalice and get 5-1d by it.
R4 Hogaak WW - 3-1
We steal G1 when he tanks on his keep and goes usea->crab, and we waste him + he has no 2nd land. Suspicion here is that he had careful study and no second land and mis-sequenced by playing crab first.
G2 is a grind where we answer the first few enablers, then he gets a gaak online and we are forced to trade an 8/8 scooze for it, then we uro over the top of gaak and a solitary bridge resulting in this eventual game state. Uro is good at grinding out gaak when they don't go full steam.
R5 UW Omni LL - 3-2
This is one of our worst matchups - he is playing 3-4 tef3 and stps so MM doesn't get them like it does UG. G1 he t2s us, G2 we have a slow reactive hand which he easily grinds out.
We're playing for fun and glory so we keep going after the 2nd loss.
R6 Moon Stompy WW - 4-2
Our notes say Oko is good. It's true.
Moon stompy's entire suite of cards is quite embarrassing against Oko.
R7 4c Loam WW - 5-2
G1 opponent takes 17m of their clock and loses to GSZ->Titan and recurring field. They had active bob, library, loam, oko for something like four turns and I think were paralyzed by the sheer breadth of their lines, making several crucial errors.
We get to yorion flicker a titan that they elk, and we rebuy field twice with ramunap.
G2 we both curve out but our forces and higher selection/threat density overpower their draw.
R8 Maverick WW - 6-2
This one is a short stomp as their card quality is just not able to keep up, and our answers, sweepers, and superior threats outclass at every point on the curve, which is exactly what happens. Their only real chance is an uncontested mom and tempo draw, wasting us to oblivion if we can't get basics, or choke - and we have the tools to stop all of this consistently. Opponent is friendly and we chat about decks for a minute afterward.
R9 Jeskai Walkers - LWW - 7-2
We lose an epic G1 where we they get 3 walkers active before we're able to find field, and they run us out of fetchable lands. This was a rare case of our lategame losing - but by the time we got online they already had narset, gideon active for multiple turns, and Jace - and we still put up a weak fight.
G2 we crush them with titan.
G3 we crush them with titan.
Opponent played very well and this was one of the more fun matches I've played in a while.
R10 Snowko - WW - 8-2
Opponent is a miracles chat regular. G1 we're able to not show titan and win on okos and uros grinding out. G2 we get a carpet online and are slow-rolling a big GSZ to try to close, opponent drops a felidar retreat which we chose to answer instead of going for the GSZ and this prompts a concession.
Overall we're happy with the result and didn't deserve to do much better given sloppy positional play vs. DnT. The deck had been massively outperforming and it was nice to run it in a premier event.
Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! If you're interested in discussing the archetype we've been chatting about it in #yorion on the miracles Discord.
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2020.10.24 19:57 alwaysanoptimist40 40 [M4F] #LongIsland Love my life and looking to add to it...

I’m 40, 5’11, active lifestyle, with a full plate. That being said, I could use that extra spark. I am creative, conversational, Dom, and miss having those butterflies mixed with a little bit of passion and lust.
I love listening to all kinds of music (especially 90s rock and alternative) and I’m a big sports fan. I have a thing for grounded submissive women who are laid back but still have a pulse for life and passion. Nothing turns me on more than you wearing skimpy, colorful thongs and gstrings as we talk and you tease me relentlessly before I take the reigns.
Ultimately, I work hard and yet I enjoy every free moment. I’d love to find a match in with someone genuine (20s to 40s) who is open to saying hello and seeing where it leads. If you want to break the ice even further, feel free to reply with your favorite thong/gstring color and brand!
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2020.10.24 19:53 aneaglegoose (PC) Failed to Connect to Multiplayer Lobbies

Recently when I've tried to play multiplayer, I get disconnected from the game as soon as I load into a match with a message such as "Failed to connect to lobby" or "connection interrupted". On my previous PC, this would happen only when searching for a lobby with friends, and on my newly built PC I was able to play a single match before I started getting this problem again and I have a temporary ban for leaving now... My game files validated successfully and I only have H3 and H:Reach installed. Anyone else experience this issue before and successfully solved it? Would love to be able to play the game.
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2020.10.24 19:52 Dave_Supreme_ SvR 2005 - SvR 2011 in one.

I don't know how realistic this is but I'd love to see someone put SvR 2005 - SvR 2011 in to one game! Maybe even add SYM & HCTP to the mix! All arenas, wrestlers, & match types in one game! That would be so awesome! Hopefully someday.
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2020.10.24 19:52 yris123 Going crazy at this point.

It’s been a few months since he broke up with me, and I still can’t seem to get over him. I realized that I’m in love with him and want him back. He was someone i could see myself potentially starting a life with and it hurts. He does not give a damn about me as a friend even though he said he he was okay with being friends(after I asked). It’s like I no longer exist now. He is already in a relationship with someone who he’s had feelings for for years and came into his life again. But I STILL can’t stop thinking about him 24/7 and being badly depressed. It’s like my brain is hijacked by him and the only explanation I have is that I’m still in love with him. A memory that bothers me is that he said he’s into astrology(I’m not), and when I looked up our signs, we were not compatible and were worst matches for each other. He’s never told me that he’s looked our signs up, only that he just identifies with his sign. I feel like maybe he might be have looked though, and that also influenced his decision to write off ever being with me again. He said in the end that the relationship was never going to last but didn’t explain what he meant by that, so I feel like that could be one reason which I feel is so senseless. I could be wrong, but he’s just the type to be swayed like things like that. I feel like I sound nuts at this point, and I don’t know what to do to stop. He is with someone else who is the perfect match for him (astrologically speaking🙄) but he also likes her A LOT and has a connection to her emotionally. I don’t want to give a sh*t about him anymore since there’s obviously no chance of him ever wanting to entertain the thought of being with me again. He’s written me off completely as a person. I feel like the only rational explanation for why I’m still thinking about him is because I’m still in love with him. I lose days thinking about everything that happened and what I could’ve said and done instead to change what happened. I need help at this point. Complete honesty is preferred. I know it’s assumed you should be nice on these breakup threads, but I really don’t want to be under what feels like a love curse anymore. DMs are welcomed too.
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2020.10.24 19:50 Prodijee Let's Talk Tactics Episode #7 - Class Match is HERE!... and Halloween Units.

Video Link:
Welcome to the seventh episode of Let's Talk Tactics! This podcast aims to give viewers a different perspective on the game than other content creators may have. The 3 core members of Zach Burrell (Prodijee), Danylboone, and Locke are all avid PvP players in the game, whether it be random matched PvP or tournament play. We look at news, updates, and the daily grind differently than a player who focuses on PvE might. This time, we go over the first few days of the first CLASS MATCH and how much we love it. This is the game mode we have waited for since the beginning, and we have a lot to say! Oh and I guess some cool units came out too.
Please leave us feedback in the comments, and know that we plan to improve the production quality as we go on. Thank you for checking us out, and please enjoy!
Note: I typed it in a pinned comment, but for some reason the native audio levels for this recording was significantly lower than in the past, and I uploaded it without editing/evening the audio like I used to (I ended up making the levels to low usually) so I'm very confused why it seems low this time... but I hope you can still enjoy!
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2020.10.24 19:50 iveburntdatwitch Addicted to dating,online dating and sex?

Hello everyone wanted to share what i think it's becoming a problem for me and hopefully get some feedbacks from you about what should i do about it.
So recently i've been dating a lot always through the same process: get on bumble, get matches, get numbers and go on a date, usually at the second date i'll have sex and feel very good the next day.
Tonight i canceled on a date because i had sex the night before and i'm completely restless, so i needed some alone time, needless to say that i'm feeling super lonely and bored.
Feeling lonely and useless when i dont sleep with a girl is not the biggest problem here, the thing is that i'm missing work pretending to be ill after a night out with a date, i love sports and bodyweight training and i'm not doing that anymore because i have no time for it since all the dates i have to attend, i have an annoying condition at my colon that's getting worse because of all the drinking/being out late/little sleep and physical work (work in constructions) and also living in a foreign country since a year and i don't even speak the language yet plus ineed to finish my university studies as well.
To make it short, this is upsetting my life to the point that i'm not achieving anything, and i'm starting to dislike it and wonder what's going on and why. I'd like to live a simple life and not this bullshit i'm living...feeling like i'm just a made up person, a false image of myself that it's only goal is to be liked by girls.
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2020.10.24 19:49 yris123 Going crazy at this point.

It’s been a few months since he broke up with me, and I still can’t seem to get over him. I realized that I’m in love with him and want him back. He was someone i could see myself potentially starting a life with and it hurts. He does not give a damn about me as a friend even though he said he he was okay with being friends(after I asked). It’s like I no longer exist now. He is already in a relationship with someone who he’s had feelings for for years and came into his life again. But I STILL can’t stop thinking about him 24/7 and being badly depressed. It’s like my brain is hijacked by him and the only explanation I have is that I’m still in love with him. A memory that bothers me is that he said he’s into astrology(I’m not), and when I looked up our signs, we were not compatible and were worst matches for each other. He’s never told me that he’s looked our signs up, only that he just identifies with his sign. I feel like maybe he might be have looked though, and that also influenced his decision to write off ever being with me again. He said in the end that the relationship was never going to last but didn’t explain what he meant by that, so I feel like that could be one reason which I feel is so senseless. I could be wrong, but he’s just the type to be swayed like things like that. I feel like I sound nuts at this point, and I don’t know what to do to stop. He is with someone else who is the perfect match for him (astrologically speaking🙄) but he also likes her A LOT and has a connection to her emotionally. I don’t want to give a sh*t about him anymore since there’s obviously no chance of him ever wanting to entertain the thought of being with me again. He’s written me off completely as a person. I feel like the only rational explanation for why I’m still thinking about him is because I’m still in love with him. I lose days thinking about everything that happened and what I could’ve said and done instead to change what happened. I need help at this point. Complete honesty is preferred. I know it’s assumed you should be nice on these breakup threads, but I really don’t want to be under what feels like a love curse anymore. DMs are welcomed too.
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2020.10.24 19:43 KashouWannabe A little modding help if I may!: Creating a culture to assign Custom Troops to for in world spawning.

A little prefix first:
I am not a modder. I have messed about with code since the Commodore 64 days, copying and changing lines to see what it does. In modern times, the most that I have "modded" is creating duplicates of items in Kerbal Space Program with altered stats, aside from some tweaks to pre made mods here and there that is about it.
So, yes, I am not a modder. But, I have been toying with creating custom units recently and I am looking for a way to integrate them more "naturally" into the game world.
Here are my current thoughts.
I'm one of those boring people that like to recreate Rome like stuff (original, right?) and play as Empire factions for the most part. What I have done is create some Mid to Late Roman Empire units using in-game equipment, and simply copied the stats of the units that I would usually use.
I do not know about, like, the "Master XML" that is required to load in the various configs that you create. So I am using the "Musket Mod" by BestMods168 as a base, and then simply deleting the units in the mod, and adding my own. I have done the same with some items which I am toying with, but that is a question for another thread.
For example, I typically use Aserai Master Archers as they are easier to source than Fians. So I copied the Palatine Guard Archers (for the face line, mostly), changed the stats to match the Master Archers, swapped in my own equipment, gave the unit a unique ID and name, and they work fine in game.
For sort of self-balancing purposes I raise Aserai Recruits to Master Archer, then ditch them and Console Command in my Roman Archers. I do the same with the Legionaries/Comitatenses/Limitanei and so forth.
What I would love to do though is to have them spawn in villages and towns. And, if possible, only have them spawn in settlements that I personally own.
Is such a thing possible?
I have looked into a "Custom Troop Template Guide" from Nexus which doesn't seem to state anything about adding units to a culture, or creating a custom one. I may look into the ATC mod to see how that handles things, but I'm not really wanting Troop Trees.
Or, if I do, a very basic one which may have like "Roman Recruit" that levels up into the various units I have created.
I just want Notables to offer the various units I create, which the AI can hire, but limit the settlements in which they can be found to the ones I personally own.
So yeah, how does one go about adding a culture to player owned settlements which can be used to spawn custom units?
I think I did look into ATC, but it did not have a "cultures config", so to speak, and instead it was all... moddy... files. Not the usual notepad based configs.
Are there any mods I can look into the config of which allows this?
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2020.10.24 19:42 netflixbut- Would he (25m) have treated me (23f) better if I was prettier?

So I want to start off by saying me and my guy are Muslim so premarital intimacy is not okay but hey it happens , I’m 23f and he’s 25m. We matched on an app and talked for a month before meeting up, I really liked talking to him and felt like he got me and when we finally did meet up for coffee afterwards he was allllll over me, just kissing and hugging and gropping everywhere I thought it was odd but figured he was really into me and I wanted him too , he told me he really liked me and was content with me and wanted to marry me. Muslims marry anywhere from 6-8 months of dating. He wanted to talk to my father, met with him at Starbucks for a few hours, his parents invited my parents over to set a wedding date, he seemed to be rushing having all the details into place. I figured it might have been his past trauma of being rejected by a the old girls father that he really liked, he told me about her on our first date lol red flag, also might have been his fathers terminal heart conditon.
At this time I also had some severe acne happening, and he suggested I take accutane for it, which I did and it got worse before it got better but he’d always ask me when my skin would clear or why I didn’t take it earlier smh. It made me really insecure, plus at some point he went from calllinf me cute and hot to him being the better looking one, and being the trophy boyfriend. I’m a med student, have a pretty nice body, am a great cook, religious, smart and funny, but guess I just have acne lmao.
We never really had proper dates it was always just hooking up in the car, I gave him oral twice which I regret, but I thought he really liked me and he would tell me he loved me and would txt me all the time. But I figured this was mostly because Quarantine too and places being closed. His family was also really excited about me and would call me and my parents often to talk about an engagement for us.
Towards the end I found out he smoked weed way more often than I initially assumed, and was asking him to quit and he was upset and said I can’t get him attached to me and switch up now, I finally agreed to him smoking, but I kind of kept nagging about it and he finally exploded saying how he wants to be able to do whatever he wants, and I apologized but felt like he didn’t love me otherwise he would have quit. He’d also like complain about being tied down or restricted after marriage.
Anyways on the day of our engagement, his family came over for dinner and he legit acted like he didn’t know me, and the day after he broke it off through text citing our arguments and my immaturity, and our lack of interest. So I told my parents and they told his about the weed, mostly cause I felt screwed over because he didn’t civilly discuss things with me but instead made my family have a whole party for nothing and to treat us disrespectfully. He was livid he said the main reason was that he was never attracted to me and that I looked different than my pictures when he met me 7 months ago even though almost everyone says I look the same, he figured he’d appreciate me as he got to know me because I was a really good person and things just went wrong fast and felt like he had to marry me because of how pure I was . But someone he kept using me sexually even though he knows it’s a big deal?? Like I found out he was thinking about ending it for awhile, but was still being intimate with me, and he’d be playful with me before too. It just makes no sense idgi.
FYI he’s back on dating apps and talking to girls right away still trying to get married ASAP while I’m here heartbroken. I also heard he was on the apps before even dumping me, but I found out now.
I really don’t think I’m ugly, I can be really cute, so this hurts a lot because he made me out to be atrocious.
TLDR: Feeling used by a guy who said he’d marry me, and then said I was ugly the whole time.
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2020.10.24 19:39 throwawayregretsx First Year Depression:

Hi, I am a first year student studying a social science related degree at a Russell Group uni (if it's relevant information, I'm 18 years old). However, I feel like I'm experiencing first year depression. I'm 5 weeks into uni, but I feel like this particular degree and uni is not right for me. I know this may make me sound ungrateful, but I really do feel like being at a Russell Group uni is not for me.
I know this sounds absolutely silly, but I feel like when I initially applied for this degree/uni, I underestimated how intensive it would be. Additionally, I feel like this degree doesn't match up to my expectations that I had at that time. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I didn't think to stop and consider how it would play out long term. I feel unhappy as I can't engage with the course content, no matter how hard I try. I can't focus on my seminars, lectures or even complete pre-session tasks. I feel really burned out and my mental health is at an all time low. I've not been able to sleep, I get frustrated at the thought of eating dinner as I feel like it wastes time that I could spend studying. I've completely let self-care go. And as a result, I feel like I'm falling apart.
I've also always been a creative person, I've loved creative subjects such as Art and English for the longest time. I love being challenged creatively. However, I didn't pick A-Level Art and I'm beginning to regret it (as I doubted my abilities). I'm considering a degree in English/Creative Writing, however as I did 2 social sciences for A-levels (Sociology and BTEC Health and Social), I feel like I'm left with no option but to stick with my degree. If I choose to withdraw and apply for English/Creative Writing for next year's entry, I won't have the support I did from school and that's what makes me anxious.
I just feel like I've lost the drive to continue with my studies. I don't know what to do at this point.
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2020.10.24 19:38 gametrade_us Trade console games directly with other gamers for free. Trade console games directly with other gamers for free.
Hi, I built a website with the aim of helping gamers trade console games directly with each other. is free to use and based on a very simple concept. You have games hanging around that you aren't playing any more. Tell us which games. If any other gamers have said they want your games, you'll be able to browse through the games they have.
Can't find a match? That's ok, just list some games you want. Other gamers who have those games will find you.
Gamers make trade suggestions to each other. Once a trade suggestion is accepted, you ship each other the games. You're responsible for the cost of shipping, the site can help you buy and print a discounted USPS label, or you can ship the games yourself and enter a tracking number.
Completed trades can be reviewed, and reviews are associated with a shipping address (so users can't create throw-away accounts and make bad trades).
I'm hoping to get some feedback, would love to hear especially:
  • Would you use this site? If not, is there something fundamentally wrong with the concept?
  • What do you think might improve it?
Thanks for reading. I worked hard on this site. It reduced my anxiety to have something to focus on with everything going on in the world. If you find it useful, I'd be thrilled about that.
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2020.10.24 19:37 mrsdovi Reddit Black Friday 2020

Reddit Black friday 2020 Best Black Friday Deals Reddit.
Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing
Challenges always present an opportunity for innovation, and we’ve seen plenty of them since COVID-19 hit. And while Black Friday has certainly changed a lot over the years, it’s going to look extra different this November as we try to navigate a world where it’s not safe to crowd a bunch of people into an enclosed store.
Black Friday is officially on Nov. 27 (it's always the day after Thanksgiving), but there's still a lot that's up in the air. Namely? Whether or not people will even be allowed to shop in person. Merchants are slowly releasing their plans for 2020, and we'll be tracking the latest updates right here.
Black Friday 2020: Latest news and updates Walmart: Leading the way, Walmart was early to put out a statement about remaining closed on Thanksgiving this year. This is big because Walmart is basically synonymous with Thanksgiving evening shopping madness. Walmart hosted a Prime Day-esque shopping event called "Big Save" Oct. 11 through Oct. 15, which acted as a taste of what's to come for Black Friday. The retail giant also announced two Black Friday shopping days ahead of the actual holiday — with one on Nov. 4 and the other on Nov. 11 with another coming between those dates and actual Black Friday that hasn't been announced yet. These events will feature deals on all the stuff you want: 4K TVs, Instant Pot and other small kitchen appliances, toys, laptops, and more. Walmart will also focus on the stuff we've all been buying the most for the last seven months — like athleisure and loungewear, exercise equipment, WFH electronics, and all the other pandemic purchases we've been making.
Amazon: Amazon Prime Day took place Oct. 13 through Oct. 14 this year after months of delays because of the pandemic, and Prime Day deals are basically running right into Black Friday deals. Black Friday could even "start" Monday, Oct. 26 at Amazon, with early deals running through Nov. 19, according to reports from Tamebay, an Amazon seller news site. (Take that with a grain of salt though, as there's no official announcement from the retailer to back this up. At the very least, we do feel confident saying that Amazon will be running Black Friday-worthy deals well before Cyber Week begins.) Amazon will still honor actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday on their true dates of Nov. 27 and Nov. 30. These Black Friday deals are for all customers, not just Prime members. (Prime Day was for Prime members only.)
Target: Starting holiday deals in October has been a huge trend this year. Target also rode the coattails of Prime Day by hosting its own "Deals Day" Oct. 13 and 14, and the low prices seem like they'll be sticking around until Black Friday. Target's doors will be closed on Thanksgiving, but we suspect they'll be open Black Friday — for curbside pickup at the very least. The retailer has also made 20,000 more of its products available for pickup or delivery, giving customers more flexibility during the holiday season.
Best Buy: While Amazon had Prime Day on Oct. 13 and 14, Best Buy ran a two-day Black Friday shopping event. This was the first official "Black Friday" deals event announcement, as other retailers have been sharing deals under the guise of Prime Day and similar events. Best Buy also offered a flexible price match guarantee where if you bought something with a “Black Friday Price Guaranteed” label on Oct. 13 or 14 and the price drops lower before Nov. 28, you'll get refunded for the difference.
Home Depot: While some retailers have toyed with the idea of ditching Black Friday, Home Depot actually bit the bullet. Instead of a weekend-long shopping event, the retailer will host two whole months of holiday deals online and in stores starting in November. Home Depot also announced that no stores will be open on Thanksgiving.
Macy's: Macy's joined the pack of retailers that announced closures on Thanksgiving — this is even more noteworthy because this also means the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is taking a hit this year. The event will be viewable via TV/streaming only and in-person attendance won't be permitted. As for the shopping, Macy's will be releasing its holiday sales information earlier than usual this year to allow customers to spread out their purchasing so it's not a mad dash on Black Friday. We already know that the retailer will be running Black Friday specials online, in stores, and on the Macy's app Nov. 24 through 28.
For a full list of stores closed on Thanksgiving, check out our partners at We predict this list will continue to grow as we get closer to the holiday, so retailers can reduce lines and overcrowding in their stores as they try to comply with social distancing regulations.
The future of Black Friday — getting creative with technology While we're still learning about what Black Friday will look like in 2020, we have a slew of predictions for what this and future Black Fridays could look like.
Hunting for deals via AR? Personal shoppers? The triumphant return of QR codes? We've reviewed our notes from years past with an eye on the future to come up with this list of possibilities — let's see how many we get right.
Say goodbye to in-store shopping Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PEXELS Some stores (like Target, Kohl's, and Walmart) have already decided to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving, so it’s hard to imagine in-store shopping as we know it getting the green light on Black Friday. Don’t bank on getting to go into brick and mortar stores and browse deals — we’re predicting they’ll all be closed and online shopping will reign supreme.
Curbside pickup is here to stay Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PEXELS One of the biggest shopping changes to come about during the COVID-19 pandemic is the surge of curbside pickup options. Black Friday will be no different. Gone are the days when having someone deliver a bag of goodies to your car was just reserved for your Friday night trips to Chili's. Taking advantage of curbside pickup will also let you get your loot the same day instead of having to wait for it to be shipped to your house.
Say hello to a possible lottery system Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PIXABAY Despite in-store restrictions, merchants may still try to find a work around. A lottery system could be put into place where you could win (or even purchase) a time slot to get to do your shopping without a crowd of other shoppers. It could be set up so that 10 or so people get to come inside to shop within a designated half hour or hour timeframe.
This would be a nice contrast to previous years where lines to get into the store would often wind around the building or down the block. You have your specific shopping time and you get right in.
Get ready to hit that refresh button Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PEXELS Because there will be such an influx of traffic for retailers’ online shops, you can fully expect to run into technical issues. Be prepared for sites to be slower or just crash altogether because of higher traffic.
We’ll also likely see challenges with items remaining in stock. This is something we already experience in normal years, but with an online-only Black Friday, you’ll have to do that fighting over the last item on the shelf virtually. It’ll be like you’re really at the store! But for real, plan ahead and make a list of the big ticket items you want and be quick to add them to your cart and check out to make sure they don’t go out of stock before you can buy them.
The deals may actually be better this year Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PEXELS The year 2020 sucks and we all know it. We anticipate that retailers will try to make up for it by running extra/better deals and "doorbusters," especially since we won’t get to shop in-store sales. As such, we’re not expecting to see any “in-store only” deals, which means all of those typical doorbusters will be available online to encourage people to shop safely from their homes.
An online Black Friday is sounding better and better — you get bonus deals and you don’t even have to leave your couch after your post-turkey day food coma.
Black Friday won’t be limited to just a weekend Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PEXELS Black Friday has already become a month-long event, so we’re expecting it to feel even longer this year. Get your wallet ready in October (Prime Day is also rumored to start this month) because there will most definitely be some early Black Friday deals. Online shopping has no physical limitations, so retailers will probably have a heyday with running deals.
Keep an eye out for QR codes Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PIXABAY As holiday season approaches, your mailbox starts getting flooded with ad scans for all the upcoming deals. The Black Fridays of the future will probably turn toward tech to make this a more immersive experience. We wouldn’t be surprised to see AR ad circulars where you can scan QR codes and see special deals and product information on your phone.
For example, say you are a dedicated magazine reader — you could see special QR codes within the pages that take you to the products advertised at a retailer like Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart. We’re guessing that readers will have access to special Black Friday deals that they can scan from print publications (or social feeds) as the shopping holiday turns more virtual.
VR could be big Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: PEXELS If you truly love shopping in stores on Black Friday, VR might be in your future. There are already some companies, like Youcan, that are creating virtual retail spaces that let you feel like you’re actually shopping at your favorite stores. This allows for gamification and the act of hunting for deals without having to leave your home — whether that’s to avoid a deadly virus or annoyingly large crowds of people.
Voice-activated shopping finally takes off Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: AMAZON Alexa is our go-to pal when we have a question or want to know the weather, but the voice assistant might also become a key player in Black Friday shopping. There are already some shopping commands integrated into Alexa’s programming, so using your voice to shop Black Friday deals would come naturally. Plus, maybe we’ll see some exclusive Amazon deals for Alexa device users.
Turn to the ‘Gram Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: INSTAGRAM / SCREENSHOT Instagram has entered the chat. If you’re an avid user of the platform, you’ve probably already bought something from a post or ad you’ve seen. Black Friday deals could litter your Explore page and the feeds of all the brands and influencers you follow. There could even be some exclusive deals you won’t see anywhere else. Being a loyal follower has its perks.
Welcome new technology Black Friday is going to be weird this year — and that’s a good thing IMAGE: AMAZON While we can’t say for certain all of the cool new ways we’ll be able to shop in the future, one innovation we’re interested in come Black Friday is the Amazon Dash Cart. The cart knows what you put in it and displays everything and your total on its screen, and you can even opt for cashier-less checkout, which is great for limiting contact during COVID-19 times.
This comes on the heels of other types of shopping changes, including personal shopping programs like Instacart. You could use a service to have someone do your Black Friday shopping for you and get your items delivered to you the same day.
Black Friday 2020 is going to be weird, but we are here for it. We’re expecting big things to come out of this from the tech sector, with some truly innovative changes to the shopping world. Whatever happens, we'll continue to scope out the best deals — so keep those credit cards warm.
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Apple's all-new iPad Air is already on sale on Amazon — save $40 TECH Apple's all-new iPad Air is already on sale on Amazon — save $40
Alert: The Amazon Echo Dot is $18.99 and comes with a free smart bulb TECH Alert: The Amazon Echo Dot is $18.99 and comes with a free smart bulb
We're seeing massive AirPods discounts thanks to Prime Day TECH We're seeing massive AirPods discounts thanks to Prime Day
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2020.10.24 19:36 ThrowRa22378990 I (21F) feel like I need to break up with my codependent boyfriend (21M) for our own good.

We have been together for 3 years. And it’s been super serious from the start and we really love each other. I am a very confident, independent, assertive and secure woman and I knew when I met him that he had qualities I could learn from. Kind, patient, optimistic and relaxed. and he needed to learn assertiveness and self confidence from me so it seemed like a match in heaven. And it was for a while. We are so supportive of each other and I do think we’ve grown to be better people. But because he was never supported or believed in when he was a child he now has no self confidence or sense of self. I thought he’d learn that from me but instead he’s completely made our relationship his life. All he is, is my boyfriend. He has no hobbies, desire or goals in life other than to be with me. He’s making me his happiness instead of finding his own within himself. He’s changed his interests, beliefs, habits and even diet since he’s been with me. This would be fine if I felt it was something he genuinely wanted but I don’t think so. And it’s finally starting to seriously bother me. He calls 10 times a day because he has nothing else in life going on. He’s always available to see me at the drop of a hat because he has no life. Anytime we have conflicting opinions, he’s quick to change his mind and agree with me. Seriously, every time. I think this is codependency. I used to think our relationship was so secure because we really loved each other and that’s why he’d never leave me. And now I realize he’ll never leave because he believes he has nothing else good in his life. And I’ve tried to bring this up to him calmly but he never understands. We’ve talked about why he’s so unhappy in life and how he needs to heal from his childhood to be happy in life. and he admits that he is always unhappy but masking it. He needs to confront that and heal but no efforts have been made. Because he puts me on a pedestal, any time we have an disagreement and I express my distaste for something I can see he is crushed emotionally instead of just taking it on the chin. This makes me feel like I can’t even say what I think or I’ll hurt him. And he NEVER has anything bad to say about me...ever and I know I’m not perfect. I don’t know if it’s because he thinks it’ll hurt me or if he thinks I’ll leave but I can tell when he’s holding back. When I push on that and say open up, he gets defensive. The constant checking in and always asking do I still love him is insecurity and I see that now. I don’t want to be mean but it’s draining. I’m such an independent person that I need my own space and it feels like smothering. He’s just always there. Waiting. I wish he could see the potential I see in him. He has such great qualities and treats me so well. I feel incredibly lucky to have a man who loves me so completely. If I didn’t care about him and I just wanted a little puppy to follow me around then I wouldn’t say anything. But I want him to be the best version of himself. Confident and secure. Even if it’s not with me. And I feel like he’ll never grow up and be the man I see the potential for if I don’t leave. He’ll keep using me as a crutch forever. He’ll never know real happiness. So I’m thinking of breaking up. Because like I said we’ve tried to solve this within our relationship (it’s been 3 years)to no avail. I don’t want to hurt him but I think this is for the best. And maybe down the line things will be different. But im so scared to say all of this to him. I love him so much. And it’s selfish to think this but I don’t think I’ll ever find a love like this again. And I don’t think he will understand when I try and tell him. I’m scared he will hate me. So should I break it off? What do I do?
edit: yes we considered therapy and we both agree that’s a good idea. However he’s been unemployed for few months and has no insurance so it will have to wait a while.
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